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LiDestri’s Beverage Division Has One Thirst-Quenching Mission: Creating Innovative, High-Quality Beverages

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From producing fresh-tasting juices to invigorating ready-to-drink teas and beyond, the LiDestri team closely collaborates with clients to deliver the healthy, natural and delicious formulations consumers want.

LiDestri is a thoroughly innovative company, producing products that consumers enjoy. Each member of the company—from president and owner Giovanni LiDestri to the newest, junior team member—is committed to ensuring each customer is treated with the same level of care and attention and feels satisfied. We have built our reputation on three concepts: intelligent innovation, broad capabilities and the best services in the market.

Beverage Innovation

LiDestri has an impressive record of tapping into the beverage innovation pipeline to create and launch profitable products. The team pinpoints trends and embraces areas with the greatest potential for new product sales—and employees rely on their broad experience to know what it takes to get the job done. LiDestri’s in-house, R&D resources (including the Innovation Center staff) work closely with clients to identify opportunities, generate innovative products, create appropriate packaging and get products to market efficiently. Through the power of innovation, LiDestri helps customers rocket products from the drawing board to retail success.

Beverage Capabilities

While LiDestri excels at traditional processing and packaging solutions, the company frequently adopts innovative, new technology to keep up with ever-evolving demand. LiDestri's bottling facilities offer cold fill in PET and glass, bolstering the full-service capabilities. What’s more, the company is vertically integrated to produce fresh products through cold-fill Fresh Processing and High Pressure Processing (HPP), all under one roof which gives customers added convenience and saves transportation costs.

Beverage Services

LiDestri is rapidly establishing a reputation for offering one of the broadest ranges of beverage creation, production and packaging services on the market.

LiDestri puts under one roof: R&D resources, consumer insight professionals, market experts and the latest processing and packaging technology.

This enables the company to empower customers with the resources necessary to create, produce and launch products that connect with consumers.

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