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For More Than Four Decades, LiDestri Has Provided the Food Industry With Innovation, Experience and Unparalleled Service

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Customers from large national supermarkets to small regional stores trust us with their food co-packing business, and our employees work closely with each client to ensure each receives the same care and attention in the journey to launch the best, most innovative products.

Advanced Services

Step inside any of LiDestri’s food processing facilities across the U.S., and you’ll encounter state-of-the-art technology. The team works to ensure customers have the latest processing and packaging equipment at their disposal, including frequent upgrades to the contract manufacturing lines to guarantee LiDestri delivers the best solutions available. The innovative arsenal of machines includes high-pressure processing (HPP), hot fill, cold fill, retort and other advanced options.

LiDestri's dedicated, knowledgeable and creative staff pairs technology with innovation to ensure products meet each customer’s specialized needs and provide optimal value.

At the Innovation Center, experienced R&D staff offer market information, customer insight and technical advice. Because LiDestri specializes in producing delicious pasta sauces and salsa, the company operates a hydroponic basil farm to ensure the ingredients used meet high quality standards. Learn more about LiDestri’s range of food services.

Food Innovation

LiDestri features a long history of producing top-quality, best-value food products—and has a long list of customers delighted with the results.

The team is proud so many trusted, well-loved retailers and brands place their trust in LiDestri to create and produce their oils, jams, soups, salsas, pasta sauces, dips, condiments and other foods.

In addition to popular categories, LiDestri has an innovation-centered staff that frequently looks to break new ground. LiDestri’s deep R&D resources, extensive market research, decades of consumer insight and experienced packaging engineers enable the company to work with customers to identify new product opportunities, develop the ideal packaging and deliver stand-out products into the hands of hungry consumers.

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Our Process
LiDestri can help you take an idea for a food product all the way to retail success, thanks to our market knowledge, technical capabilities and knack for innovative thinking. Read more

Food Co-packing
Some of the best-known companies trust in LiDestri to co-pack their food products. We have the most advanced knowledge and technology, giving us the ability to keep up with current trends and changing consumer tastes. Read more

Food Private Label
Leading retailers turn to LiDestri to produce their private label foods. Our team has a reputation for producing high quality and top value, and for exceeding expectations. Read more

LiDestri’s food facilities nationwide employ a broad range of advanced processing and packaging equipment. What’s more, we’re constantly working to make our resources even better to keep up with trends. Read more

LiDestri offers everything required to produce and co-pack first-rate foods—excellent service, intelligent research, top technology—all under one roof. Read more

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