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LiDestri’s Innovative Approach Sets Trends For Food, Beverage and Spirits

LiDestri’s national brand and private label partners trust us to put our co-packing innovation experience to work for them through the creation of new formulations, development of innovative products and even new categories that surprise and delight customers. LiDestri’s unparalleled reputation for speed to market is a key reason food and beverage companies come, and LiDestri’s innovative approach goes beyond experimenting with formulas — the team looks for ways to improve processes and delivery times to save our co-packing (contract manufacturing) customers time and money and to improve speed to market.

  LiDestri’s customer-focused approach to co-packing and retail brand innovation is rooted in deep experience and firsthand understanding of how the food, beverage and spirits markets have developed and where they are headed.

As a privately held, family company, LiDestri avoids bureaucracy and is free to boldly experiment to get the job done for our co-packing and private label partners.

LiDestri Innovation with Wegmans
Danny Wegman, CEO Wegmans Food Markets, discusses LiDestri’s innovative culture.

Danny Wegman, CEO Wegmans Food Markets, discusses LiDestri’s innovative culture.

The Innovation Process

Because many LiDestri co-packing customers are long-term partners, the pathways of innovation flow in both directions. Sometimes customers come to us with an idea for a product and challenge us to deliver, as we did for longtime customer Danny Wegman, CEO of Wegmans Food Markets, as he outlines in this testimonial video. Other times, the LiDestri team has an idea for an innovative new process to save customers time or money, or we may reach to a longtime supplier to help a customer to achieve product differentiation. This was the case for Newman’s Own Foundation CEO Mike McGrath, when he wanted to source tasty organic tomatoes to make some of the finest, freshest-tasting pasta sauce our team has ever to hit a retail shelf.

A Playground for Innovation

In 2014, the LiDestri team took nearly everything it knew about innovation and used that to design the Innovation Center, where today’s retail brand and national brand partners come to realize new product dreams.

  Many contract manufacturers have some type of stovetop formulation facility, but few are as appealing as the LiDestri kitchens.

What’s more, LiDestri’s experts know how hard it is to translate a pot of sauce that is simmering on the stove into a commercial run of 30,000 jars. That’s why we created the pilot room, an intermediate step that much more quickly and inexpensively approximates scaled up processing to help customers fine-tune a formula and speed it to market.

Innovation in Process

One of the best things about working at LiDestri, and working with LiDestri, is how anti-corporate the company’s mindset is. LiDestri, of course, sticks with what works, but our leadership encourages its team members to make suggestions to improve processes to foster creativity, to save time or save money. That is how we get the best from our talented team, and customers reap the benefits.

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