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LiDestri's Innovation Center Is Where Big Ideas Come To Grow

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LiDestri’s Innovation Center

LiDestri’s Innovation Center has been described as "a playground for brand owners" for good reason. With little more than an idea for an innovative food, beverage or spirits product, a brand, retail brand owner or qualified entrepreneur can walk through the doors of the Rochester, NY, facility and see dreams come to life. As needed,

LiDestri’s experts support and guide you nearly every step of the way: from formulation and processing to packaging and palletized delivery.

Our team literally becomes your team as we work together to create, refine and iron out the kinks as you move to bring your innovations to market.

Formulation and Tasting

With decades of experience in developing and executing products, the LiDestri R&D team and up to 20 certified tasters offer valuable insights. Refining formulas early in this way saves time, saves money, and helps ensure that products get a smooth and receptive launch.

Pilot Room

LiDestri’s pilot room capacity remains a rare and valuable calibration opportunity in the formulation process.

At times, stovetop recipes don’t translate on the first try to full-scale runs, which can be costly. By processing and co-packing or bottling at a medium scale, we work with our customers to make adjustments quickly and cost-efficiently to truly fine-tune their innovations for the marketplace.

Processing and Packaging

LiDestri’s team has decades of know-how and regularly refreshes its skillset, as the company invests in state-of-the-art machinery and processing innovations. For example, in just the past year, the company added two Tetra Pak Tetra Prisma® Aseptic lines as well as high pressure processing (HPP), rounding out the existing hot fill and cold fill bottling capacity in beverage. The team continues to adjust the contract manufacturing operations across food, beverage and spirits.

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