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We Collaborate With Our Customers And Grow Together

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Working With LiDestri

National brand and retail brand customers contact LiDestri every day for a variety of reasons:

• To help them formulate and bring a new product idea to life, many times using the Innovation Center's kitchens, pilot room and tasting panel.

• To expand their production into new geographic areas, which can cut transportation costs.

• To handle overflow and seasonal production as a more cost-effective alternative to building increased internal capacity.

LiDestri has unmatched capabilities when it comes to executing on the visions of our national brand and retail brand partners. Many prospects become customers the very day they tour our state-of-the art facilities and meet our friendly, knowledgeable and highly professional team. That’s why we always invite folks who are curious about the company to take a tour:

LiDestri Innovation Center Overview Brief Tour of LiDestri's Innovation Center. thumbnail text
Brief Tour of LiDestri's Innovation Center.

If a customer wants traditional co-packing: The customer supplies the formula and ingredients, and LiDestri’s team gets it done, delivering on time and on budget. But our capabilities are much broader than that, making LiDestri a true R&D engine for our national brand and retail brand customers. We have the capacity to take little more than a market concept and quickly push it through the innovation process to create exciting, shelf-ready products formulated for success.

LiDestri became one of the largest contract manufacturers in the country by growing alongside its customers, which is why the team continues to partner, in some instances, with smaller and less experienced entrepreneurs when they have a compelling business case.

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