Choosing A Co-Packer

Partnering with a Co-Packer and Why LiDestri is Different

Choosing the Best Co-Packer For Your Products

Looking for a co-packing partner involves conducting a thorough search of options and comparing each potential partner’s capabilities. We always suggest companies seek a strategic partner with the vision, facilities and expertise to meet their needs and help grow their business.

Picking a Partnership
We provide the R&D infrastructure and expertise, while remaining conscious of our customer’s best interests. We can help negotiate with ingredient suppliers, transportation logistics and head off the growing pains seem to follow along with scaling up production.

At LiDestri, our favorite part of coming to work is the collaboration with our customers to help meet their challenges, solve problems and ultimately help grow their business. We like to think our partnerships have that special magic that only comes along through a genuine connection, like-mindedness, trust, common purpose and a desire to see us both achieve success. That’s how Giovanni started and ran the business and that’s how we manage it today.

Finding a Fit
There are critical practical factors to evaluate when choosing a co-packer, prime among them is the right fit from a volume perspective. Many contract manufacturers operate with high minimum runs, which maximizes profits by limiting downtime due to changeover. Companies that can commit to high volumes can save money by doing so.

However, that may not be a feasible option for companies just entering the market. Because we’ve grown alongside numerous small-volume customers that have become large-volume customers, LiDestri evaluates minimum volumes on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the situation, we will consider taking calculated risks on new products with initial runs as small as 2000 cases.

The Value of 4P Methodology
We look at business a little differently from our competitors. Our approach is built on the 4Ps of Innovation: Product, Processing, Packaging and Partnerships. This process provides a disciplined 360-degree path for ongoing product development and product improvement.

We work on the assumption that no matter how good the product, how efficient the manufacturing process or how cost-effective the packaging, there is always room for additional innovation. By continuously focusing on each of the 4Ps we better understand how and where we need to innovate. Our industry and the markets we serve are in a constant state of change: Our goal is to stay one step ahead.

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